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    WHY Top Team

    Top Team is a leading Vietnam-based teambuilding, training, corporate incentive travel and event company.

    It has been featured on quality newspapers such as Forbes (Vietnam), Báo Đầu tư and ‘Time out.

    - It consists of a team of experienced top professionals from different nationalities.

    - As a one-stop shop we offer complete services at competitive prices from A-Z, from event planning

    and conceptual work to its professional execution including all necessary support services such as transportation,

    accommodation, meeting rooms, gala dinners etc.

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    Learning-with-fun challenges like Treasure Hunts

    A treasure hunt is a map and clue-based puzzle that the entire team must solve. As in the workplace, smaller teams

    must succeed at their tasks before the entire company can reach its goal - opening the treasure-filled chest!

    Individuals work as a team and get to know each others’ strengths. The event focuses on communication, problem

    solving, strategy and a real need to be creative.

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    Learning-with-fun challenges like The Amazing Race

    Teams will navigate a series of clues to get from one checkpoint to another. Along the way they will encounter

    Route Markers, Road Blocks and Detours where certain challenges and activities have to be completed in order

    for them to continue. Teams may also have to take care of their ‘handicapped’ (blindfolded) colleagues as seen

    on these pictures. Problem solving skills, creativity, negotiation and strategy are used to beat the clock.

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    Learning-with-fun challenges, like Creative Puzzles

    Teams get parts of punch-out wooden puzzle kits. They won’t see the boxes, pictures or instructions to identify

    what they got. They’ll get some interesting and creative constructions, a lot of laughter and some good-natured

    frustration. Alternatively, educational toys can be assembled or created for poor orphanage schools.

    Problem-solving skills, creativity, team work and leadership are used to get all pieces together.

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    Seminars and workshops with a high impact

    We developed innovative training scenarios designed for your organization's specific needs. Indoor training can

    also be complemented by our unique outdoor workshops which we call experiential learning (assimilating

    theoretical insights during practical exercises and games) to generate a maximum impact when returning

    to the workplace.

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    Charity and teambuilding combined

    Top Team has designed a variety of workshops together with experts that combine quality team building with

    meaningful support of poor orphanages. The programs range from assembling bikes for the kids to creating a

    playground to assembling beds for orphanages where kids have slept on the floor until now. Or we will, for

    example, organize for your team workshops creating educational toys for orphanages and poor schools.

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    Learning-with-fun Boot Camps or Survivor Challenges

    Prepare your staff for literally anything as you take part in Top Team’s Survivor program. Whether you are stranded

    on a desert island,in the woods or in the middle of quite literally nowhere, you will have to adapt to and cope with

    diversity, surprises and have to catch, kill and cook your own food and sleep in tents you have to build yourselves.

    Thinking outside the box and creativity, problem solving skills, leadership and team work are a must to survive.

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    Learning-with-fun Raft Building and Racing Challenges

    Build your own raft as a team and then either race the clock or race other teams and get around the obstacle course

    as quickly as possible. What will you get out of it? A chance to develop trust and a platform for constructive criticism

    and to help to reduce stress and team conflict. It will sharpen your team’s problem solving skills and will improve

    communication and leadership skills. Everyone will have fun at the same time!

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    Learning-with-fun Future Leaders’ Challenge

    Our leadership and teambuilding programs for schools provide the opportunity for young people to develop vital life

    skills in a fun and safe manner. We tailor our programs to the desired outcomes, rather than simply providing something

    generic. In any case, the young participants will learn to lead through outdoor activity, increase their confidence and

    personal motivation, improve their decision-making and communication skills and have fun while learning new skills.

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    Learning-with-fun Bridge Building and Crossing Challenge

    The strength of a team can often be measured in terms of how it deals with diversity and disagreement. Our Bridge

    Builders' exercises can help a team to be intentional about constructive patterns of relating and working, so that

    every member is valued and supported as a team member. Apart from promoting interpersonal skills, leadership skills

    and project management skills are also used to build a solid bridge enabling the whole company to cross.

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    Learning-with-fun Zombies Survival March Challenge

    Your team expects to arrive at a comfortable hotel but all of a sudden has to brace itself for a long walk in unknown

    territory that will set team members’ heart racing. The teams have to maneuver through and traverse a string of

    obstacles, at the same time having to dodge and outwalk zombies attempting to take their life. You’ll realize you can

    only cope with life-or-death challenges thanks to team strategy and teamwork.

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    Motivate and reward your staff with tailor-made incentives

    Your well-performing employees (and perhaps your most loyal customers as well) deserve a VIP treatment from

    time to time. You can show them your appreciation with a once-in-a-lifetime VIP holiday  which they will never

    forget. Travel incentives are indeed much better than cash rewards for employees as recent studies in behavioral

    economics and human psychology have shown.

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    Learning-with-fun problem solvers challenge

    This is to stimulate teams with both mental and physical problem-solving activities. Individuals and teams explore

    external and self-imposed boundaries and develop strategies for improved performance. A safe learning

    environment without fear of embarrassment is established, followed by initiatives with a high degree of interaction

    as the team works collaboratively to solve problems with physical and mental tasks.

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    Learning-with-fun land, sea and underwater challenges

    You want to be sure that it’s thoroughly tested and proven, from a company with experience and integrity. You

    want it to be comprehensive, with everything you need in a single package, and anywhere you choose. You want

    to know what it “looks like” so there are no surprises (not even one), you want it to come with professional

    facilitators who will attend to every detail, and most importantly you want your participants to have a great time.

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    Unforgettable corporate escape to a stunningly beautiful island

    Your team will enjoy a trip by boat or catamaran to a scenic, quiet location on a beautiful island where Top Team will

    prepare your unforgettable corporate sports day or your learning-with-fun team building games. An all-you-can-eat

    BBQ including fresh seafood with all-you-can-drink soft drinks will be one of the day’s highlights.

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    Amazing Gala Dinners and themed Party Nights

    We organize a wide range of corporate entertainment for conferences and departmental away days and for both

    client and staff entertainment and hospitality, from ten guests to a thousand guests. We will inject innovation,

    sparkle and panache into whatever corporate entertainment you choose. You can be assured that our attention to

    detail and personal service will leave you with a night to remember – with the only possible headache a hangover!

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